Truth Resources


Over the past 12 years of truth seeking, these are the channels that have helped me further understand the reality, and the current situation we now find ourselves in.

I do not focus my attention on channels that discuss political agendas, or continually insist that there is a way to have a 'perfect system' as the entire system is fundamentally broken. I give my attention to those that understand that reality is not what it appears, and want to dive further.

Check out the following Youtube channels:

My Channel

Focusing on 'big league' topics from Health all the way to realizing our true human nature in this Twilight Zone™.

Quantum of Conscience

Looking at the deeper picture, adding humor to serious topics, finding truth in older media, and likes cats.

Devin Elon Madgy

Very philosphical with his words, opened my eyes to interesting topics on his old channel: Flat Earth Paradise 

I side by his viewpoint that there are no enemies/bad guys, we are here to learn and grow, and there is no utopia.

Chiron Last

*WARNING* Very deep understanding of reality, extremely complex topics, and master of word trickery used by the Matrix. You may have to watch and pause the videos, as well as replay videos multiple times to grasp the intent.

Susquehanna Alchemy

Interesting topics such as the hidden meaning of the Susquehanna River as it can be used as a timeline of our existence as humans. As well as taking tons of seemingly non-related topics and tying them together to form a strange reality overlay.


Super knowledgable on astrology using the zodiac to tell the nature of reality. Master of noticing patterns in the stars and happenings here on our Earth.


Dave Murphy opened my eyes to distilled water, urine therapy, and fasting. I swear by distilled water to this day, having starting drinking distilled water daily almost 4 years ago. Great to listen to, and knowledgeable on almost every truth topic, including being well known for flat earth.

Pineal Foundation

Pineal Foundation is run by Martin Kenny, who I discovered through Devin Madgy when they were heavily into Flat Earth research. He is a very deep thinker, although focuses more now on his retreat in Portugal. Puts out different theories than most truth channels.

James True

New channel I have started listening to, and seems to understand the bigger picture (have only started listening to him for the past month). Long, podcast style lectures, and great to listen to as he is very well spoken, and can add sarcasm when necessary.

Transpocalypse Now

Many of you may not agree with his viewpoints, but it is based on biologically proven science (don't worry, probably only the few times I will mention the all-mighty science here). Females / males have differing biological traits, and MrE / MrE3000 / Transpocalypse Now is very good at finding these differing traits and helping the viewer understand. All his channels have been banned...

Vannessa VA

Knowledgable on the singularity taking place right now, which is the technological singularity and the spiritual singularity happening at once. Interesting theories to listen to.

Jeff Snyder2

Discovered his channel through Vannessa VA's channel, and brings up a very interesting / new theory in regards to 'Plasma Fires'. Trees burning from the center is not caused by man, but potentially by the changing of the frequency here on Earth. Energetic, and fast talking, and passionate in his videos.