About Me

Hi there, my name is Sam.

I'm a vegan, an avid surfer, and a Thinkpad enthusiast.

My first taste of an alternative narrative to this place came in 2010, when my Uncle gave my father, my brother, and I the Loose Change - 9/11 DVD to watch. I watched in, and my mind was blown. I had NEVER considered anything strange to the 9/11 story. Boy was I wrong...

11 years of studying, watching documentaries, using my own eyes to view reality through a different lens has led me to creating this page. I don't claim to know everything, but I hope to be another voice in the crowd that can help you to better understand our deceptive world.

The more I learn, the more questions I have, which is a good thing. However, in my journey through reality I can safely say that the following topics have helped me exist peacefully during my time in this realm:

  • Eating whole plant foods and living as an ethical vegan (not consuming dead animals or their by-products)
  • Drinking distilled water
  • Getting LOTS of Vitamin D
  • Accepting that the shape of our realm is a flat disc, like a CD
  • Understanding that the previous civilizations were far more technologically advanced, and lived harmoniously with the Earth and utilizing the free energy that exists here
  • Believing that there is a divine creator to this place (a GOD)
  • Accepting that there are 2 different types of human beings on this earth, those that can see, and those that cannot see

Once you see reality for what it is, you can never go back, nor would you want to. I am lucky that for whatever reason, I was given the eyes to see and seek the truth.

Enjoy the site!




Taken December 2020 and hopefully living permanently  in Africa someday soon!